Catering, Servers & Décor

630 Main was originally built in the 1880’s. It has been restored as a private event and meeting space. Making this an ideal venue for wedding events, birthday parties, family gatherings, graduation parties, corporate events and more.

If you need catering for your event below you will find some local catering providers.

630 Main Events & Meetings Catering By Balloons + Blooms

Balloons + Blooms

Ballons+Blooms is a Balloon and Floral decor specialist serving Muskingum County Ohio. They create unique decorations that make a statement at any celebration! Balloons+Blooms only uses high-quality biodegradable materials!

630 Main Events & Meetings Catering By Bill Bird

Bill Bird

Skilled in Catering, Cooking, Food Preparation, Hospitality Industry, and Event Management. Strong operations professional with a Associate's degree focused in Hotel, Motel, and Restaurant Management from Northwood University.

630 Main Events & Meetings Catering By Tacology


Kid Born in California from Both mexican parents bringing everyone the flavors and fusions of baja style food.

630 Main Events & Meetings Catering By Chapman's Coffee House

Chapman's Coffee House

Our aim is to get great coffee into our customers homes who haven’t broken into the specialty coffee market. Our niche is coffee that is better than anything available at your local grocery store, but still cheaper than most specialty online coffee shops and boutique coffee roasters.

630 Main Events & Meetings Catering By Taste of Greece

Taste of Greece

Taste of Greece and Kebabs brings a delightful blend of cuisines to Zanesville. Serving the best gyros and authentic greek food.

630 Main Events & Meetings Catering By Patty's Mobile Bar

Patty's Mobile Bar

Patty’s is a mobile bartending service based in southeastern Ohio. We strive to bring the spirit of Patty to every event: outgoing, classy, and a little rustic. Combining the country and the city, old and new, service and friendliness. Patty’s wants to be wherever your next event is. Whether serving drinks or serving food, we want to bring you professional service with a friendly attitude. We know the heart of southeastern Ohio and the people who live there and want to be there for your events in 2021 and beyond.

630 Main Events & Meetings Catering By Gypsy Pizza

Gypsy Pizza

The love for pizza is universal, and people from around the world unanimously agree that their lives would be bland if not for pizza.

630 Main Events & Meetings Catering By Hayai Hibachi

Hayai Hibachi

What an amazing opportunity for Downtown Zanesville, hibachi!.

630 Main Events & Meetings Catering By The Barn

The Barn

The Barn is Zanesville's favorite place to eat with friends and associates. Did you know The Barn also offers catering of many of the delicious items that are on thier menu? You can have The Barn bring these items to you for your next meeting or event.

630 Main Events & Meetings Catering By Russo's Catering & Events

Russo's Catering & Events

Russo’s Catering & Events is an experienced, professional catering company serving Greater Central and Southeast Ohio. We offer a wide variety of fresh and vibrant cuisine and catering packages to suit every taste and style. And, we can accommodate a number of dietary requirements, such as vegan, nut allergies and gluten free.

630 Main Events & Meetings Catering By Bee Sweet Desserts & Eats

Bee Sweet Desserts & Eats

Cheesecakes, brownies, cookies, bars, cakes, pies and much more from Bee Sweet Desserts. Home cooking, ice cream, rolled ice cream, milkshakes, home cooked food and so much more from Bee Sweet Eats.

630 Main Events & Meetings Catering By Grazing Gals, llc.

Grazing Gals, llc.

Local gals who have a love for food presentation. Contact us for pricing regarding grazing tables for any upcoming events you may have: bridal showers, baby showers, graduation party, bachelor/bachelorette parties, and any other event.

630 Main Events & Meetings Catering By Wood's Meat & Deli

Wood's Meat & Deli

Our company wants to provide quality cuts of meat, fresh deli items, and sandwiches to our customers at an affordable price. Providing excellent customer service is especially important to us. We want to make sure that every person patronizing our business is treated kindly and feels welcome visiting our business within the DownTown Exchange.

630 Main Events & Meetings Catering By Zanes's Bites

Zanes's Bites

Zanes's Bites brings the best hamburgers, chicken wings, salads and more to Zanesville. Stop by to enjoy their delicious cuisine.

630 Main Events & Meetings Catering By Chef Steve

Chef Steve

Chef Steve specializes in delivering a high quality catering experience customized to your unique tastes. Apart from full service catering, Chef Steve also offers home cooked family style meals for the 21st century on-the-go family, ready for the oven or hot and ready.

630 Main Events & Meetings Catering By Maxwell's Woodfired Catering

Maxwell's Woodfired Catering

With over five years of experience, we understand the importance of what food means to the ones you celebrate with. Let our friendly and punctual team create hand-crafted artisan pizzas right in front of your eyes.